Project objectives

EENSANE stands for “East EuropeaN Seismic Ambient NoiSE” and aims to:

  1. Transform every single available seismic station in Eastern Europe into a virtual seismic source, using techniques of ambient noise analysis and construct virtual ground motion maps
  2. Provide an open source database of virtual seismograms between all possible pairs of seismic stations in Eastern Europe
  3. Carry out anisotropic ambient noise tomography across the Trans-European Suture zone and provide insights into the formation of the European continent and Precambrian continental evolution
  4. Map seismic attenuation across the Carpathians, the Vrancea Seismic Zone, and the Pannonian Basin to investigate the effect of structure on the modulation of seismic wave amplitudes
  5. Estimate 3D models of seismic velocity of near-surface structures in the intra and extra-Carpathian areas to assess bedrock interface depth and resonant frequencies of sedimentary basins, useful for